Merry Christmas from us at Sri LANKA

… Friends Travel..

with the winter so cold in Italy, we escaped to Asia…we happen to be in Sri Lanka…first time for us— Aloha… stick with us.. here we go in our away to NEGOMBO IMG_4515


Surf’s UP

YEAP.. WINTER IS HERE, and the  waves picking up,  time to get in the wetsuits, camera, snacks, uh I am forgetting  something?  I am Brazilian, and that kine of no thank you, I am not going in without a HOT day, I need  sunshine on my skin, glassyyyyy  water, and a good long board,than I am in, but love it to make pics, and  luckily  there are some  courageous


surfers out there ripping. Sardinia style .. Aloha !!! “le due parole  più belle non sono  ti amo, ma cè surf :)” Aloha Sardinia Number 1 . See you soon again.. 🙂

Unforgettable India

In the nature in India, Hiking in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, trust your instinct!!!

here is full of  surprise in the trails. We can bump in monkeys, snakes and some more domesticated animals.temperature can easy drop, its good to be prepared, but all efforts to get above the clouds, is rewarded  with  the most beautiful  view of the feet of Himalayas. Bir there is also a Tibetan  Village, and one of  best  Paragliding spot , the people are  friendly, great  food, and lot of excitement. Aloha… See you soon again..

Ashtanga Yoga

Who never  wonder how it could be if we become the best of the best of our self? I do, it might sound pretentious, but I also know that to become my best will need a lot hard work, nothing  comes  from nothing and help is always welcome. That is why I  sign up myself for the yoga workshop  last weekend with Laruga Glaser at Firenze.

If you ever has the chance to meet her, don’t miss it!!!! Dive yourself in the  world of yoga with her, the experience is highly rewarded , She has great knowledge and skills, Her way of teaching is very clear and helpful, Thank you, i enjoyed the  practice deeply. I am Very Grateful. Also Thank you for the pictures, courtesy by @nottebrava  at instagram and for Olistic Network  at Firenze, Via Europa 95, and  all the  great people who were present  for  practice or helping putting that event  together,  thank you, was great, and well done. hope it will repeat again soon.

Namastè. Cynara.

On the Road trip, Italy… france

I was luckily invited for that road trip, i was not sure where  we  would go, but i trusted my friend, I knew we would be spending some time  in some great spot to paragliding  in sometime the next few days.. but not sure where,  I understood that a lot  time depend on the weather.. but until now we been traveling, eating, hiking, meeting friends, and so far all the places we passed, been  very generous with us, great weather, amazing night sky full of  stars.  Beautiful  Sunset and sunrises with great company and great wines, and friendly people.

still in Italy   .. @Rifugio PrarayerIMG_1374

This places is so amazing, we had a great time discovering, we were surprised to see so Many peoples in there when we arrived in the parking place, but after  walking  few  hours to arrive in the Rifugio Prarayer , many went to enjoy the swimming and the beautiful nature, others to the amazing  and I think the only restaurant in there,  the food was Great!!!! Thank You.

After all that excitement we went  back in the Road and Drove  few more hours, before night come, we should get a place to  Sleep. In the night even at this time of the year can still get bit chilli in here,and if you didn’t book your  Hotel like us, you sure  want  a safe  place to camp? maybe… a fire if you are luck 🙂

before Crossing Italy/swiss Boarders , we found our spot, the mountains right before crossing the border, is marvellous, even if bit cold we didn’t care in make fire to warm up, we had  our sleeps bag , we made a tea, a soup  with jetboiler, you got  to try that…  we  hunted for  fresh blueberries until sunset around the mountains, we were blessed…  and Thankful

and we are back in the road again.. 530 Am sunrise,  Hello Sun!! and Good morning Switzerland …

enjoy the ride, the nature in  the mountains is  just breathtaking , and we didn’t want miss a thing, here are  some of the places we visited and for  sure would love to go back soon.

France mountains are so sweet, the  food  and wine are just  so delicious, you got to  try the  apple cider… yummy!!

le Grand- Bornand  quick stop”  for  some  friends to paragliding. The  weather was beautiful and  sunny.

Saint  Vincent les forts, Paragliding, I just love it this place. Its a small town, but  very alive, is a  paragliding spot, and there is  some amazing trails to hike and mountain bike.


and here we are finally at Millau .  I personally found this place  very romantic, we arrived in the afternoon, when i took that sunset picture of Millau Brifge, wecame to  meet a friend which  invited us right way to a Party..ah!!? YES!!!! thank you for the weelcome party 🙂 spent 3 days discovering this  place, but  was not enough, the beauty of Millau and history, deserve at least few  weeks, great place to have a family trip


Hope you enjoyed as much I did this trip, I could be  writing  forever about that experience, but nothing can describe the  real trip, it need to be done, because  it’s unforgettable. I finally can say I love the  mountains.

Aloha Cynara


On The Road… Italy

Welcome to Italy. We finally crossed borders from Chamonix to Valle d’Aosta,

after driving for some time ,we decide to find a cool place to make a tea and relax, it’s a beautiful day and  we found a  charming  place by the river ,and we even got a waterfall, how lucky, I can understand why some people  love  so  much  the mountains,  for me this is the favorite time,  in the  summer is not so cold,  it’s feels so delicious.

Sarre, Aosta Valley

We spent one night in a cosy B&B, if you like you can check my reviews  at trip adviser with more details on restaurants and  Places to sleep that we found  helpful in this trip, you can find me as YogaCynaraRibeiro

We got back in the road after an Italian style home-made breakfast , with fresh fruits home made  marmalade and croissants, sweet Valley, but we still have  some places around  here we  want to visit, before getting back to France… Summer Trip on the road… Love it!!!  will add more  details in our next  stop…  soon.. Aloha!!! Mahalo!!!

In the Road…The Alps

after few days in Annecy,after meeting  some  friends, we got back in the road, this time  we had a quick stop at Chamonix for lunch and relax.

IMG_1135Great food and shop ,and the place is  just  so beautiful, be  ready to enroll yourself in a lot action in there.

IMG_0997after  few hours of relaxing we had to  get back in the road, but definitely would love to go back soon 🙂

keep your eyes in our next stop.. I will add some info about some great place to sleep and eat!! Aloha. and Thank You.