Unforgettable India

In the nature in India, Hiking in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, trust your instinct!!!

here is full of  surprise in the trails. We can bump in monkeys, snakes and some more domesticated animals.temperature can easy drop, its good to be prepared, but all efforts to get above the clouds, is rewarded  with  the most beautiful  view of the feet of Himalayas. Bir there is also a Tibetan  Village, and one of  best  Paragliding spot , the people are  friendly, great  food, and lot of excitement. Aloha… See you soon again..


Road Trip…

Not missing a  thing in this road trip, we took our time, from France  trough Italy, Switzerland  into Spain back to France.  Here are some places and activities  that you may want  to check  if  you’ll be  in  any of these  place.. But you will have to patient, because I will have to take  some time to be able to write and upload the  pictures,  i just got  back home and life is busy.. 🙂 but  today I will start with our first stop…..

We  began our  trip from Paris, first stop at Annecy. We went in the last week of  august, and the weather was  still  warm, great time  hiking,


IMG_1012but you can also enjoy your  time  swimming or  sailing  in the Lac or choose  for the other many sport  activities offered by the local business.


IMG_0946 The city is so beautiful and so alive, with a stone view from the lake , and amazing mountains background, with paragliders in the air making the  sky  like rainbow.


great restaurants, and lots fun night  activities. Thank you!!! and i will soon post again.. 🙂

dont miss it. Aloha.



Yoga in our unpredictable life

In my world, in my life… learning yoga, learning to know myself, to understand myself, to see it how my mind work, how that’s  molding my life and my world,


learning to accept, to let go, to forgive, to embrace, to put the right effort and motivation, is a everyday lyrics in this music called life…  walking,feeding, cleaning, recharging and resting.  there is no separation between all that and Yoga, me and you neither, it’s all  One Love

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