Ashtanga Yoga

Who never  wonder how it could be if we become the best of the best of our self? I do, it might sound pretentious, but I also know that to become my best will need a lot hard work, nothing  comes  from nothing and help is always welcome. That is why I  sign up myself for the yoga workshop  last weekend with Laruga Glaser at Firenze.

If you ever has the chance to meet her, don’t miss it!!!! Dive yourself in the  world of yoga with her, the experience is highly rewarded , She has great knowledge and skills, Her way of teaching is very clear and helpful, Thank you, i enjoyed the  practice deeply. I am Very Grateful. Also Thank you for the pictures, courtesy by @nottebrava  at instagram and for Olistic Network  at Firenze, Via Europa 95, and  all the  great people who were present  for  practice or helping putting that event  together,  thank you, was great, and well done. hope it will repeat again soon.

Namastè. Cynara.